Keili is printing house specialized in packaging

Keili is the designer and manufacturer of high quality packaging materials. The family owned company was established in 1968 and is located in Vantaa Finland. Keili employs 25 people.

In the packaging printing facility we manufacture unprinted and printed carton boxes, carton sleeves and other packaging using varieties of cardboard and thinner corrugated cardboard. Products are used in many fields of industry and marketing.

In the flexo printing facility we produce self-adhesive and adhesive free labels and laminated wrapping materials for packaging industry. As a new product group we manufacture heat-sealable lids.


Keili’s packaging solutions

With us you will find functional solutions for the many needs of packaging industry. Our production capacity is suitable for small as well as larger batches. We choose carton or thinner corrugated cardboard varieties based on the customer’s requirements.

Product categories:

  • Brand packaging
  • Foodstuff packaging
  • Cosmetics packaging
  • Gift packaging
  • Mailing cartons
  • Displays and retail batch packaging
  • Carton holders
  • Other carton solutions

Finishing effects we offer for added value

  • Foiling
  • Embossing
  • Varnish effects (high gloss/matt)
  • Different kinds of laminating
  • Box windows
  • Handles

Keili’s packaging design services

We design made to measure packaging that is functional, enforce the desired brand image and meet the customer’s end-use requirements. In the modelling process we take into account that the packaging should be easy and cost efficient to assemble as well as look eye catching and well designed. Professionally designed packaging brings significant savings because we aim to minimize the need of expensive manual work.

Our experts are happy to tell you more (email: suunnittelu (at)

Keili’s flexo

Keili’s flexo printing unit serves the whole packaging industry with extensive product variety. We deliver self-adhesive product labels, carton labels, wrappers and packaging films made to meet the customer’s needs and using raw materials of reliable material suppliers. We offer a large variety of materials and adhesives for specific end-use applications.

Product labels and carton labels

We manufacture different kinds of labels on rolls or as sheets with up to 8-colour printing. Our high-class printing quality and well-chosen material enforce product image and brand identity. When in need of more printing area, it’s also possible to print on the back side of the label and make double layer labels.

Wrappers and packaging films

We offer packaging industry thin films with multicolour printing. When choosing the best material, we take the required barrier features into account. Wrappers are made of for example laminate with metallic foil layer and polyethylene inner layer for sealing. In addition we have a large variety of filmic materials. The printed outer face may be protected with extra laminated film layer. Our narrow web flexo printing machine is well suitable for small batches.

Direct thermal and thermal transfer labels

We are well familiar with direct thermal and thermal transfer printing materials. We deliver printable labels on rolls and as sheets to be used for example in product information and price labelling.

Heat-sealable lids

We manufacture heat-sealable lids for packaging dairy and other foodstuffs. Material options include: aluminium foil, film and paper based laminates. We also manufacture smaller batches.

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